About Me

I’m still learning to live my life
to take it as a gift
to just be grateful for every single day
and to feel the joy in and out of it.

I am the student of life.
One lesson after another to take me up to the next level.

My biggest lesson is the lesson of letting go so that I’ll be able to move on.
It is hard, really hard to let go something that you want so much, but you knew it was not right for u.
I was screaming like a child in a store, craving for candies that’s not good for my teeth.
But I kept saying I want the candies no matter what.
That’s how hard it was to let go, really let go and understand and forgive.

Also I still learning to stop complaining about life, “coz the best is yet to come!”
So this is me, trying to wish for the best of all for all, all the time.
Give thanks to the Lord for He is good!

One more question I need to find the answer.
Whether every orange  is just the same.
Whether I’ll find the one spesific orange or just any other orange will do.
The answer can only be found in time.

Anyway…Anyhow… It’s great to know you all in this class of life…
Cheers 🙂


  1. bangsari says:

    selamat datand di dunia blogging sis.. semoga betah…

  2. ida says:


  3. sarpo says:

    [b]complain or demanding[/b]
    u have a great live
    what more can u ask…??

    do u feel unhappy with your life….??

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