Becoming a Commuter

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Personal

Then I start to become the part of “roker”. Roker is the abbreviation for ‘rombongan kereta,’ which is people who travel daily using train (i.e KRL). KRL is not very reliable mass transport available to connect Depok-Jakarta, but so is the other public mass transport in Jabodetabek..:D

First time I have to learn about the train schedule,  abbreviation for  station name kind of confusing at the beginning, but soon I get used to it.  Also time of the train departure stated in the schedule is not the same with the reality, late and late almost everytime everyday. So that you can call the time as the train name only. For example train with departure time 17.40 can come as late as it please or even canceled; if you’re patient enough to wait for the train and it is not being cancelled, then may be suddenly at 20.00 you will hear an announcement ‘the 17.40 train will arrived soon we’re sorry for the delay’.

There is no guarantee whatsoever about the time, so please dont wish for any pleasant trip.  It is lucky enough to be able to get inside a train at rush hour. There is always a reason for the train trouble. When it rains, then flood, collapse tree on railway, electrical disturbance will affect the krl trip. When it is not rain, there will also be trouble on signalling, wesel, pantograf… o ya, I forgot to mention, when some trains schedule being cancelled then the first available train will be packed with people, that’s when you know how was it feel becoming “ikan pindang in a box” 😀

Happy commuting! 🙂


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