Bird Garden – Montecasino

Posted: November 3, 2008 in Travelling
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Montecasino (

The route from the guest house is Main Road turn left to Witkoppen, that’s it.

Entering the site, then trying to find the open parking, but didnt make it, so just used the covered one, it only cost 10rand for as long as you want.

Using elevator to Piazza.

Going through the casino.

Look at  that artificial sky.

There is a sign that i havent seen before, a sign for free-gun area next to the non smoking sign as if it is equal (as if in other places without the free-gun area sign you’re allowed to bring your gun?) 🙂

let’s go inside the bird garden (

Then watching the bird show on 13.oo. The bird trainer is a good entertainer.

The audience especially the kids was so immersed in the show. They raised their hand almost for every question she asked. Wonderful kids!

She asked about the national bird of South Africa.

([Blue Crane (Anthropoides paradisia): This elegant crane, that stands about one meter high, is almost entirely restricted to South Africa in its distribution.  The Blue Crane is a light blue-grey, has a long neck supporting a rather bulbous head, long legs and elegant wing plumes which sweep to the ground.  It eats seeds, insects and reptiles. Blue Cranes lay their eggs in the bare veld, often close to water.  They are quite common in the Karoo, but are also seen in the grasslands of KwaZulu-Natal and the highveld, usually in pairs or small family parties.The Blue Crane has a distinctive rattling croak, ‘kraaaarrrk’, fairly high-pitched at call, which can be heard from far away. It is, however, usually quiet.The habitat of the Blue Crane is open grass fields or Karoo-like plains with low shrubby bushes. It likes wet parts and lays its two eggs on the ground. It grazes in the field and eats seeds, insects and small reptiles.]

The species is getting less every year, she invite us to donate for the effort of conservation. And look at the kids do it so willingly to put some of their money into the donation box.This bird usually lay 2 eggs, when one of the eggs hatches, they will abandon the other egg. This donation will then be used to conserve the life of the abandoned egg.

Then she present an owl, that can disguise themselves in the surrounding and can kill more rodents than poison. With that she advise not to use poison to kill rodents coz it can kill other animal instead.

She also asked about the national flower of South Africa.

([Giant or King Protea (Protea cynaroides): The Giant or King Protea is widely distributed in the south-western and southern areas of the Western Cape, from the Cedarberg up to just east of Grahamstown.The artichoke-like appearance of the flower-heads of the King Protea lead to the specific name ‘cynaroides’, which means ‘like cynara’ (the artichoke). The name does not do justice to the beautiful flower-heads of this protea, which is the largest in the genus. A number of varieties in color and leaf shapes are found, but the most beautiful is the pink colored flower.]

She make a joke about what if we replace the national flower with something we easily see everyday…a tin can…with this she show a bird picking up the tin can to the dust bin. Good show to tell the kids to put garbage in the bin.

She then asked who want to be a bird trainer, an the kids enthusiastically raise their hand.

Amazing show…love it so much…

  1. sancaka says:

    An interesting story you have. Anyway, I’m curious about this sentence: “this bird usually lay 2 eggs, when one of the eggs hatches, they will abandon the other egg.”

    What will happen to the other egg if it hatches? Will the young bird be left to survive alone? Or the egg will never hatch?

    Are there any reasons why the birds leave the other egg?

    Is it legal for civilians to own guns in South Africa?

  2. eko says:

    travel terus euy…

  3. siska says:

    beuh…ga tau mo comment apa dah… 🙂

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