Neurochemistry Error

Posted: September 30, 2008 in Personal
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This happened a few days in a month. Neurochemistry proportion that we had supposed to always be balanced, right? In some phase of transition, when the composition rearranges, the brain needs to adapt to the new condition. If it is so natural, only a matter of changing composition, then why I called it “error”?

Coz for me the changing of the arrangement brings a lot internal hassle. It is depressed and built up an undesirable sadness. Teardrops seems so ready to show up everytime. Every single thinking brings up deep uncontrolled sickness in the heart.

So it is an error. Get it yet?

Coz we were all are created to be happy, I believe. Then when our internal arrangement are made us so depressed and sad and blue and always in tears. So it is an error, right? Coz it is different from what we were made to be.

Just my idea. What do you think?


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